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What New Cat Owners Need to Know

What New Cat Owners Need to Know

If you’ve recently got a cat, you’re probably seeking ways to look after your new friend. From purchasing the essentials to knowing a few tips and tricks, you want the best for your fur baby to make them feel secure and happy in their new homes.

Cats are fun, playful, intelligent, caring, and most of all, adorable! Therefore, in order to give them a healthier and happier life, it’s essential to take care of regular checkups, feeding, grooming, litter changing, entertainment, and more. We have compiled a list of five essentials for new cat owners to help them look out for their cats.

1)   Feed Good Quality Food

The type of food you feed to your cat has a considerable impact on its well-being. Make sure to avoid human foods that can be harmful to cats. If you plan on providing canned food (wet food), read the labels carefully before purchasing. Raw food shouldn’t  be kept out for more than  an hour, or it can get spoiled. In addition, leaving the food out can also make it prone to ant attacks. Try using ant-proof bowls to protect food from insects.


It’s best to give your cats high-quality foods and treats filled with nutritional value and fibers to ensure a healthy life. Make sure to opt for cat treats that have the right ingredients,  nutrition, and flavor to give your cats a perfect energy boost, maintaining health and well-being!


1)   Make Sure Your Cat Stays Hydrated

One of the most crucial things to remember when you’re a cat owner is to make sure your cat stays hydrated. Proper water intake prevents urinary diseases and helps the kidney flush out toxins. Remember, kidney health is essential for cats as kidney diseases are common health issues in felines and are a leading cause of death.

Most cats like running water, which is why they end up sitting on the sinks, bathtubs, etc., to drink water as it comes out. It’s best to invest in a water fountain to encourage them to drink more. Place the water fountains at different locations in your house to make the water easily accessible.


2)   Take Care of Grooming & Cleanliness

In order to prevent diseases or germs, it’s best  to take care of your cat’s cleanliness and grooming. Make sure to brush them properly to prevent mats (clumps of fur) and skin infections. Cats are super playful; they enjoy being brushed as it relaxes them. If you have a small cat, try using a brush with stainless steel soft pins as they are gentle and slide easily through the coat. Therefore, it’s best to groom your cat 3-4 times a day with a proper grooming brush for healthy skin and coat.

Most cats hate bathing, but that shouldn’t  stop you from taking care of  their hygiene. The process can be quite stressful, but it’s crucial to give them a bath once in a while. Remember never to use human shampoo on cats as it can dry out their hair. Try to use a cat shampoo and conditioner for a softer coat. Here are a few supplies you’ll need:


3)   Play with Your Cat

Cats are born playful, and they enjoy their playtime more than anything. In order to keep your fur baby joyful and active, make sure to play with them regularly. You can also buy them different toys like ball toys, soft toys, etc., to keep them engaged. Toys like scratching toys are great for preventing claw marks on furniture, sofas, and tables, keeping your cats entertained.

You can take your cats outside for a walk or set up an enclosed outdoor  space.  Most cats have a natural propensity to explore. However, letting cats outside on their own is not a good solution and can be dangerous. What you can do is make your house more interesting by building a cat playhouse or setting up a tent in the backyard.


4)   Ensure Cleaning Litter Box

A clean litter box is crucial to your cat’s health  and is a task every cat owner needs to carry out. A well-kept litter box helps  your feline companion stay  mentally and physically healthy  and allows it to remain interested in using it for doing its “business.”

It’s best to invest in an open litter box instead of an enclosed one. Enclosed  litter boxes are more prone to smell, and cats can’t stand a bad-smelling area. Litter trays are the best option, ensuring cats use them!


The Bottom Line:

Nothing compares to the joy of being a cat owner! Having a fur baby comes with several responsibilities to ensure your cat stays healthy and happy in its new home. That’s why by following the few tips mentioned above, you can surely take good care of your cats!

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