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With a decade of expertise in cat care, we offer top-quality shampoos, brushes, toys, and essentials. Join our family for expert assistance in ensuring your cats get the care they deserve.

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Inspired by our undying love for cats, Cat Shop Online is more than a company—it’s a community for cat lovers to share in the latest and trending cat toys and grooming products. This is why we created this website to offer high-quality and affordable products for cat owners. The best part about shopping at Cat Shop Online is that we provide numerous cat products that are not available elsewhere.


Marie Mahoney

My many years of being involved in every thing to do with cats and my hours of searching the web for products that are great has led to my decision to create our online pet shop.

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I want to bring great products to you, like our amazing range of Cat Beds, all at affordable prices. The are many sites that you can visit here in Australia but they cover all types of pets, here at Cat Shop Online we are all about PRODUCTS FOR CATS ONLY! I have always had an association and an affinity to cats. As a youngster, there was always a cat in the house! I can not remember a time in my life that I have not been around a cat.

Twenty five years ago my husband consented to the purchase of my first pedigreed cat a very beautiful seal point Persian Mamselle. This led me to the world of the pedigree cats and so in the last 25 years I have gone on to breed the wonderful Sacred Cat of Burma “The Birman” and more recently the fabulous Siberian Forest Cat of Russia. This journey has also seen me attain my Longhair Judges license with Queensland Feline Association Inc. My Siberian’s and Birman’s over the years of showing and breeding have attained many top awards as have some of our cats that are now owned internationally.

I judge regularly in Queensland and this is a fantastic way to meet many fabulous cats and their owners…

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Online Pet Shops is a cat store ONLY, which means that you won’t have to surf around our website searching across hundreds of ‘pet’ related products only to find something that you’re not interested in.

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