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Yeowww! Kris Kringle Holiday Cat Toy Bundle(limited edition)

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Yeowww! Kris Kringle Holiday Cat Toy Bundle(limited edition) This Ducky World Kris Krinkle gift bundle includes: 1 x Kris Krinkle, 1 x YEOWWW!-tide Candy Cane, 1 x Banana, 1 x 4gr Catnip Mini. Why DuckyWorld? One expression can best answer that: YEOWWW! More specifically, Yeowww!® Catnip, appropriately named due to the phenomenal reaction cats have to our catnip. Our toys are perfect for anyone who loves cats. Once a customer sees what an impact our products have on their cats, they will inevitably come back for more to get as gifts – not to mention more for them! If there is ever any doubt or hesitation in how effective our products are, throw one to a cat and see how undeniable the evidence is!
Catnip goodies makes the perfect holiday gift for any feline friend. So much natural goodness and holiday spirit your cat will be hooked! Catnip toys that Actually work
  • 100% stuffed with Yeowww! organically grown catnip.
  • Made in the USA 

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