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Safari Wire Pin Brush Small

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Safari Wire Pin Brush Small
The Pin Brush is excellent for general grooming of small to large cat breeds. This Pin Brush helps to lift out loose hair and debris. Brushing distributes natural oils, leaving a shiny, healthy coat. If the coat tends to be heavily matted, a Safari comb, rake, or slicker can be used to break up the mats. The Pin Brush can also be used to fluff the coat by brushing against the direction of hair growth.
For General Grooming: Perfect for tough jobs when used alongside a Safari comb, rake or slicker
Pin Brush for cats: Essential tool for grooming kit to easily lift out shedding hair and debris
Stimulates Natural Oil Production: Regular brushing massages the skin for a shiny, healthy coat
Easy to Use: Ergonomic, no-slip handle is made for a comfortable grip
Practical: Ideal for every day use and all breeds and coat types
Brush with long strokes in the direction of the hair growth
Brushing distributes natural oils, leaving a shiny, healthy coat
Perfect for use with a Safari grooming comb or dematting tool


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