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Purrs Rodent Racer SHORT Interchangable Wire Cord Toy - WAND ONLY

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Purrs Rodent Racer SHORT Interchangable Wire Cord Toy - WAND ONLY (Handy if you already have prey toys and prefer a wand with stronger, coated wire cord instead of the PurrSuit wand's black synthetic cord) This is the listing for the wand only - Does not have an end prey toy with it! The Rodent Racer short rod with flexible, strong pvc coated wire cord and safer plastic prey clip to attach prey toy. This is the Short rod version - 50cm wand and 50cm pvc clear coated wire cord. (Long version available on other listing) The wire cord moves the rodent prey in a " jerkier" way from a normal synthetic cord. The 50cm long wire is completely covered in a plastic coating to prevent any wire fraying. A single flexible rod,  50cm in length, made from fibreglass and covered in various coloured rubber sheath to stop all possibility of fibreglass splinters. Grip handle for the Cat Slave's comfort. Safe plastic prey clip near your furkid to attach the prey toys - No metal clip near your furkid! Also any Purrs brand prey toys that fit the PurrSuit wand can be clipped on. Simply clip on a different prey attachment and play away! (Prey attachments sold separately) Highly Recommended for use in Play therapy for behaviour issues and combating weight issues.   SAFETY !! -Cat teaser/Interactive toys are NOT chew toys. Cat Interactive & Teaser Toys satisfy your cat's natural hunt & chase instinct. They are designed only for human supervised interaction with your cat(s) to encourage cats to play and exercise. All the interactive toys should be put away when the play sessions are over. They should never be left with your cat to chew or destroy (as s/he would actual live prey) or left in a place where your cat can reach them without your participation. This is to protect your cat from injury and to make sure that the toys keep their strong appeal.

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