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CATIT Pixi Spinner White And Blue

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CATIT Pixi Spinner White And Blue

The Catit Pixi Spinner is an innovative toy designed to captivate your cats attention, combining a spinning mechanism with an enticing feather teaser and a rewarding treat dispenser feature.

Stimulates natural hunting and pouncing instincts
Dangling feather toy promotes active chase and catch play
Built-in treat dispenser for interactive snack time
Made with soft fabric for gentle pawing and safe engagement
Incorporates an LED night light for evening play, enhancing visibility
Cute modern design with LED cat floating The Catit PIXI Spinner features an LED light under the fabric cover that glows into the shape of a cute cat nose and beard when it works. The toy will make you stand out in the evenings where your cat plays.Size (WxDx H): Approx. (8.5 x 8.5 x 24)
Crafted with pet-friendly soft materials
Features a color-changing LED night light
Pet Suitability & Product Care

Ideal for kittens, mature, and senior cats alike
Inspect regularly and remove if any part is damaged
Supervised play recommended; discontinue use if toy is brokenDiscover More

Maximize your pet’s engagement by pairing interactive play with safety. Monitor toys for potential hazards and always ensure a secure play environment. Dive deeper into the variety of interactive cats toys we offer, or step into the future of pet entertainment with our cutting-edge tech toys for cats. For personalized recommendations, consult our expert veterinary team.

About the Brand
Catit specializes in the creation of thoughtfully designed toys and accessories that cater to the complex needs of felines. Their innovative approach ensures each product not only entertains but also contributes to the overall well-being of your cat.


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