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Catit 2.0 Senses Wave Circuit Ball Track

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Catit 2.0 Senses Wave Circuit Ball Track Toy For Cats Is The Ultimate Play Centre For Energetic Felines
Treat your cat to the ultimate play circuit for never-ending fun and entertainment
  • The Wave Circuit features little rolling hills along the closed track so the speedy orange ball can zip around in a rollercoaster fashion
  • Your cat will love following the ball as it rolls up and down the little rises
  • The wave circuit differs from the ‘original play circuit’ because the play circuit is flat and level to the ground
  • The wave circuit is 25cm longer than the original play circuit
  • The orange ball contains a bell inside to lure your cat into play
  • The wavy track has special peek-a-boo holes for your cat to poke their paws inside to swat the ball
  • The holes are wide enough for cats of all ages and sizes to fit their paws inside
  • The circuit stimulates your cat’s natural instincts to run, chase, pounce, and swat, which quickly adds up to hours of healthy exercise and mental activity!
  • Enables 100+ layouts with other Catit 2.0 toys to keep your cat interested (sold separately)
  • If you purchase other Catit products, you can surprise your cat with a new layout every day!
  • This will keep playtime super fun and exciting and make all the other cats in the neighbourhood super jealous!
  • The ‘Catit 2.0 Fireball’ (sold separately) is fantastic for putting inside the circuit for night-time play – it is a motion-activated light-up ball that flashes enticingly when your cat paws at it – it will be like your cat’s own personal disco!
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Made of BPA-free plastic materials
Box includes:
  • 2 x elevated pipes
  • 2 x curved flat pipes
  • 1 x straight flat pipe
  • 5 x green cover pieces
  • 2 x end pieces
  • 1 x ball
  • 92cm length x 36cm width x 6cm height
  • 6cm width of tunnel
  • Ball: 4cm diameter
  • For supervised play
  • Choose the appropriate size and type of toy for your cat
  • Inspect toy regularly
  • If the toy is damaged or parts become separated – remove the toy and parts

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