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Brush Your Cats with a Dematting Comb to Deal with Matted Hair

Clean your cats with a dematting comb for cats.

When you start seeing more hairballs around the room or seeing greasy spots of matted hair, it’s time to give your cats a hand. A cat comb for matted hair is an excellent way to help improve their lives while reducing mess around your home at the same time.

The Importance of Dematting Combs for Cats

Using a cat brush for matted hair is about more than simple aesthetics. More important than appearance, you need to consider the potential health and welfare impacts that matted hair can cause.

  • Matted hair can become a home to filth and pests that can irritate your cat’s skin, even as far as to cause infections. If your cat is particularly irritated by the matted fur, they can also bite and scratch at the area, harming their skin.
  • Cutting matted patches of hair is one of the few ways to properly remove the issue, but this can be distressing for cats and if it occurs repeatedly, can damage your relationship with your cat. Regular combing avoids the problem and keeps your cat friendly.
  • Matted hair also becomes a hazard as it may cause your cat to get stuck to obstacles that tangle with the hair. Things such as edges of furniture, exposed springs, and other pointy items can cause your cat pain and even tear hair out if they panic.

Tips Regarding Dematting Combs for Cats

Using a comb can seem problematic at first, especially if your cat is unfamiliar with it. Use these techniques to avoid struggle and hassle.

  • Choose a good time to work with your cat. Ideally, they should have eaten food and drank water recently, and be calm.
  • Confidently approach your cat and comfort them first with petting and cuddling, working up to the comb.
  • Acclimate your cat to the comb gradually. Instead of tackling matted fur first, get your cat used to combing by targeting smoother areas.
  • Don’t insist on removing the mat entirely on the first try. Instead, remove a little at a time to reduce stress on your cat and take a week or two to remove bad tangles.

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