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Free Shipping on Orders Over $150
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Free Shipping on Orders Over $150
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Free Shipping on Orders Over $150
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Free Shipping on Orders Over $150
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Free Shipping on Orders Over $150
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
How To Make Spring Toys For My Cats?

How To Make Spring Toys For My Cats?

Do you want to save your money and create a fascinating toy for your cat? You’re at the right place.

We’ve compiled together a list of different spring and other toys you can DIY for your cats. You can use items from around the home, whether to sew, tie, or create. Remember, it may take some of your time, but it costs a tiny portion of your money and will definitely make your cat happier.

If you’re even a little bit creative, this is the opportunity to shine! You can express your creativity while doing something nice and fun for your cat.

Top Toys To Make At Home For Your Cat

Here are some clever DIY hacks to make fun toys for your cat in the comfort of your home.

  1. Fishing Spring Toy

You need a stick or a long thin spring, some rope, and a colorful toy—a plume, a sphere with a bell inside, string bits, or even folded paper would work. Tie one side of the thread to the spring or stick pole. Attach the toy to the opposite end of the row and let your furry fellow play with it.

  1. Toilet Roll Cat Toy

Save the empty pipe-shaped cardboard from your toilet rolls and reuse them for fun and interactive cat toys. You can add some springs to the sides of the toilet roll and make anything from a fancy sphere to a rattle or gift jigsaw. All you need are toilet rolls, a superglue gun, and your cat’s favorite goodies.

  1. Rag Dolls of Kitty

Put a sprinkle of nip in the center of a scrap of cloth. Wrap the cloth gently over the catnip to keep it in place and make a loop in the center of the cloth. This keeps the catnip in place forever and produces a wonderful tiny tangle for your kittens to grip onto.

  1. Whack-A-Mole Cat Toy

Do you have a spare can of soda or cardboard hanging around? Transform it into a game of whack-a-mole for your cat! With a few other craft items, you’ll have the perfect game for your cat’s playtime!

  1. Scrap Paper Toy

This is possibly the least expensive cat toy you can make. Simply crumple up a sheet of paper into a ball. Cats enjoy batting things around. It may create a bit of a mess, but watching how much fun they’re having is worth it.

  1. Paperboard Cat Palace

Bring your cat’s appreciation of a nice carton to another level by constructing the perfect cardboard cat-home. Add more squares to create multiple openings and add spring poles and attach fur balls for your cat to play with. It’ll keep your fur baby entertained for hours.

7. Cardboard Mouse Toy

These fun toys combine two cat classics – mice and cardboard. Just download the template, break out the cardboard and scissors, and voila – hours of cat entertainment.

  1. Wire Knot

A piece of wire is a lifesaver. Cats love to play with charging cables, and this wire knot toy makes an excellent handmade cat playtime item, but if you do give your cats a length of wire to play with, be sure you fold the edges in so there are no protrusions.

  1. Pencils And Pens

The majority of cats like playing with sharpies. To make the pens safe for kitties, extract the toner cartridge and ensure the pen is clean before giving it to them. This is an excellent way to reuse pens that have run out of ink instead of tossing them away.

  1. Twigs

Of course, you could just pick a beautiful, clean tiny stick the size and form of a pen and offer it to your cat to chew on. The advantage of a twig is that it’s frequently bent, and the not-perfectly-straight form may bring extra fun and excitement to your cat’s playtime.

  1. DIY Cat Gym

There are times when there is no convenient location to hang items for your kitties to play with. Take an old baby play gym and hang several cat toys on it. You can easily find a baby gym at garage sales and resale shops, or repurpose the one you already have. You can even build one out of plastic tubing.

That’s it!

The Last Note

DIY and handcrafted cat toys are a cheap and inventive way to keep your cat entertained, and they may be far superior to everything you can buy in a shop! Try out these cat toys, and we’re sure you will be amazed by how much your cat will love playing with them.

If you need ready-made toys, we can also help with that. Check out our Online Petshops and explore our large variety of cat toys and different accessories that you can use to build your cat a spring toy. For example, we’ve got springs and wands that you can use to create a custom toy!

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