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Free Shipping on Orders Over $150
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Free Shipping on Orders Over $150
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Free Shipping on Orders Over $150
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Free Shipping on Orders Over $150
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Free Shipping on Orders Over $150
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
10 Best Cat Toys for Safe Indoor Play – Toy Pet Reviews

10 Best Cat Toys for Safe Indoor Play – Toy Pet Reviews

Cats are naturally wired to be playful creatures, but any activity similar to hunting entices them. But don’t worry, hunting doesn’t always mean killing wildlife. Cats love to chase, which can be after a toy mouse!

Toy manufacturing businesses also keep in mind this when making toys for cats. It is essential to relieve your cat’s boredom and keep their playtime ignited by giving them a variety of toys to play with, which not only keeps them excited but healthy too. It also wards off behavioral problems and keeps them active, working as an exercise to prevent weight gain and further health problems.

Why Is It Important To Choose The Best Toy

It is important to note that cats are also picky and indecisive creatures, extremely demanding and fussy. One day, they appear to be splendidly happy, and all they wish is to move and play independently, other days, all they want is for you to pick up a wand chaser and play around with them until you start panting miserably and your arm starts aching. And since your cat is an entirely indoor animal who can’t expend its energy roaming around the neighborhood and trying to catch off birds, you need to choose just the correct type of indoor toy for them to keep busy and excited.

Here are ten of the best and safe indoor toys guaranteed to work!

  1. Ball Toys

Dogs aren’t the only pets that love to play with a ball. Cats love chasing balls, and they can do so for hours. As discussed earlier, the biggest drive that excites the cat to play is their instinct to hunt prey, and ball toys mimic the same looks and movements as prey. You can use animal print fur balls or noisemaker balls with animal print and rattle, a bell sound, or a chirp to keep your pet entertained.

  1. Cat Scratching Toys

Cats love to stretch as they get their muscles ready to move. Scratching toys for cats such as Scream Round Cat Scratcher, Scream Triangle Cat Scratcher, Bootsie Combination Scratcher, and Ultimate Scratching Post are various examples that keep their ligaments stretched and active. Furthermore, cats enjoy scratching out their claws and sharpening them on multiple items in the house, such as carpets. It is always better to provide them with scratching toys to sharpen their nails to prevent them from ruining your carpets, walls, and other objects.

  1. Cat Wands

Move the colorful, fuzzy, and wiggly cat wand over the ground gradually, pulling it towards you, and allow your cat to stalk it until the cat finally gets hold of it and runs and jumps over to catch it. Since your indoor cat is deprived of bringing hunting strategies into the move by playing with birds outside, let your cat be the hunter even if it has to be indoors by using the cat wands. Moreover, cats love being affectionate and the center of attention of their caretakers. Playing with the cat wand can work as a playful interactive session between both of you.

  1. Mice

The cat’s natural instinct to chase and pounce should be preserved, and by having mice toys, the thrill remains intact. Cats tend to show great likeliness and fondness towards any object that moves swiftly and in unpredictable ways, and it grabs their attention in unimaginable ways. This is why cats are fond of chasing mice around, and hence mice toys are made to imitate the same movements. You can choose between remote-controlled toy mice or simply real-fur mice with rattle sounds.

  1. Soft Cat Toys

Soft cat toys can come in various styles, from being a ball sponge to a cat cuddler and merely stuffed toys in the form of clownfish or seahorses. Since cats can be naturally clingy and cuddly, soft toys hold the right tactile qualities for being pleasant and attractive to the touch. The soft touch of stuffed animal toys mimics another mammal and carries a specific scent that the cat likes and enjoys for its comfort.

  1. Dancing Dot Laser Cat Toy

With this toy, you don’t have to tire yourself by carrying yourself around with the toy so your cat can play. You can enjoy watching your cat play from afar while they try to catch the laser dot. It is cute and clean to have in your house and can be easily fixed on flat surfaces like tables or shelves.

  1. Spaces Burrow

Cats are relished and delighted when playing the game of hide-and-seek with their prey. They love to hide behind objects while hunting, and this burrow is just the right object for them to hide behind. A butterfly and a soft beaver are attached to the burrow for playing hide-and-seek with. This can be more exciting by throwing a couple of treats inside the burrow.

  1. Catnip Cat Toy Banana

Catnip is primarily known to give cats a sense of euphoria and overwhelming happiness when they smell it. If a catnip toy comes stuffed in the shape of a banana, the figure is pleasing enough for the cats to grab onto and kick it with their feet with zest as they lay and wiggle themselves.

  1. Pet Activity Center And Feeder

This toy features flexible, detachable caps for the cats to move their paws on playfully as they simultaneously dig out treats kept within it. This helps the cat keep busy playing as they find out ways to get food out that you have placed inside, and also ensures they don’t eat up everything so fast, acting as a slow feeder.

  1. Cat Exercise Wheel

The wheel helps your restless cat to divert its energy in the right activity as it tries to roll it over in a never-stopping, never-ending movement. Seeing your cat enjoy the fast spin makes the toy worth the investment. This wheel piece also looks good in the house.

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