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Where Can I Buy Miracle Nipples For Kittens?

Miracle nipples are an all-purpose animal grooming and nurturing essential tool used for newborn animals like squirrels, chipmunks, rats, raccoons, bunnies, and kittens.

Developed with small pets in mind, it helps you feed your kittens milk and other liquid substances imitating a natural feeling of being nursed by their own mama cats. It’s the “next best thing to mom!” These miracle nipples offer a kneading pad that allows the tiny kittens to knead it with their paws simultaneously.

If you’re looking for a miracle nipple for your kitten, you can easily get it from our Online Petshop.

Different Sizes and Types of Miracle Nipples

Miracle nipples are available in syringe sizes 1ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, and 20ml, while the nipple comes in 2 sizes: original and mini. This means you can easily feed your kitten the right amount of milk and liquid substances with accurate measurements without refilling the syringe for more or wasting the leftover.

Also, original and mini-size nipples allow you to select according to the size and age of your kittens, ensuring comfort level while you feed. While O-ring slip tip syringes may be used with or without nipples, the opposite is true for leur-lock syringes that can only be used with nipples for feeding.

Moreover, to fit into a tiny kitten’s mouth, it is always better to use slip-tip syringes. They are easier to fit and slide into the mouth of the kitten smoothly and with ease without sticking despite putting in a wide range of substances within it, even after multiple uses. The comfort is due to the syringe’s long smooth tip. In contrast, leur-lock syringes vary in shape and structure with a short threaded barrel, fitting onto all kinds of nipples, including larger ones and screw-on needles.

It is recommended to use 3-5ml syringes for kittens that are just born till the age of 3 weeks and 5-10ml syringes for kittens three weeks and older. Find high-quality syringes and nipples at our online store. It is always better to buy at least three syringes for each kitten.

How to Use Miracle Nipple On Your Kitten?

Let’s talk about how you can use miracle nipples for your kitten!

First of all, you need to ensure that your kitten is comfortable. Place the kitten in a safe posture. Lay down the kitten in a belly-down position, just like you hold them. Make sure you don’t lay your kitten down on the back, as they can inhale the feed into their lungs.

You can also hold the kitten in a sitting position on your lap or a table while supporting the head with your other free hand. Then, gently insert the nipple into their mouth and slowly drip the kitten feed onto the tongue. It is necessary to feed your kitten with the right amount and frequency, which may sometimes mean waking up in the middle of the night. The frequency and amount can be easily searched on the internet according to the weight and age of the baby. It is also important to burp the kitten afterward by placing it in an upright position with its tummy against your shoulders while you rub its back gently until you hear a burp.

While the miracle nipple comes with a syringe most of the time, it is a handy tool since it can also fit on a bottle, allowing the small-sized kittens to get a good latch. Note that not all kittens will find it easy to latch on the syringe or the bottle, and so, to get these troubling kittens into a good latch, try pulling on the nipple as this might cause them to latch on and suck better. Furthermore, try moving the nipple back and forth rather than keeping it still in the kitten’s mouth.

Tips for Using Miracle Nipples

While miracle nipples are made of silicone, many are also made of latex material and are softer and flexible. This is why choosing latex nipples for your tiny pet is always better. This flexible, durable, rubber-like material allows the miracle nipple to remain in its original state and consistency without blockages or sticking, even after many uses.

The nipples are washable and reusable, so they must be washed with soap and hot water to sterilize them every time after feeding the fur baby. It is not recommended to boil it in hot water for sterilization as that can cause harm to the latex rubber material.

Improperly cleaned nipples will become a site for the growth of germs and will cause your kitten to become ill and infected. Dispose of them off properly once you start feeling that their working efficiency decreases.

The Bottom Line

Where Can You Buy Best Miracle Nipples?

It’s no more a hassle to search for cat grooming, nurturing products, and cat toys since we provide you with a one-stop cat shop, that too, online! This means you can easily search for pet products and buy them from the comfort of your own home or office. You don’t have to take out time to travel, searching one shop after another for the best quality products for your kittens, as the best quality products are just a tap away from you.

With over 10 years of experience in the cat care industry, Online Petshop provides you with a wide range of high-quality products such as cat shampoos, brushes, kitten toys, miracle nipples, and whatnot!

We provide miracle nipples designed carefully to outlast any other nipples. It’s a high-quality material that lessens the chance of tiny, sharp kitten teeth piercing their way through the nipples. Moreover, we’ve focused on decreasing the likelihood of the kitten swallowing it or biting an entire nipple into half. To fit these nipples perfectly, we also provide an O-ring slip tip and leur lock syringes that enable you to effortlessly know the exact amount that your kitten is feeding on or has fed on yet. The nipples have pre-holes, and they also fit perfectly onto 60ml and 120ml bottles and Four Paws bottles.

Get these miracle nipples with the perfect combination of easy-to-glide, non-sticking, long-lasting, sterile packed, and BPA-free syringes. Order yours today!

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