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Instincts SmartyKat Soarin' Squirrel Cat Toy

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Instincts SmartyKat Soarin' Squirrel Cat Toy
Silvervine & Catnip Crinkle Plush Launch & Chase Cat Toy
Instincts Soarin' Squirrel releases your cat's inner instincts by creating unpredictable motions cats are hardwired to chase and hunt. Use the "hair-tie" elastic launcher and stretchy tail to fling this adorable flying squirrel toy sailing through the air or use it to dangle for your cat to leap and swat. Complete with Petlinks HappyNip Silvervine and Catnip, crinkle, faux fur, plush, and felt, this toy will entice your cat to leap, chase, swat, and pounce.
  • - Attracts cats with crinkle, a sound that mimics prey rustling in bushes
  • - Soft stretchy tail ideal for swatting, carrying, & launching
  • - Petlinks HappyNip Silvervine & Catnip is an enticing blend that naturally excites even the most finicky cats
  • - Mimics the thrill of the hunt, turning play time into exercise

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