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Sentry Calming Spray 29ml

Sentry Calming Spray 29ml

Sentry Calming Spray 29ml

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Sentry Calming Spray 29ml

Help alleviate your cat’s fears and correct misbehavior! This Calming Spray is a great way to lessen kitty’s stress and improve their behavior.

The patented pheromone in the calming spray naturally calms cats in stressful situations. It reduces anxiety in a new or stressful environment. It’s an excellent choice for temporary stressful situations such as trips to the veterinarian, groomer or new visitors. It can also be used in the cat’s crate or favorite spot in the home to calm them when you’re not home. It helps make cats feel secure and safe at home and on-the-go. Excellent for helping a new cat adapt to a multi-cat household.
Proven to effectively modify stress-related behaviors in cats
Great for travel, crates and veterinarian visits
Safe and effective
Lavender chamomile fragrance

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