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Sentry Calming Diffuser for Cats


Sentry Calming Diffuser for Cats

Sentry Calming Diffuser

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Sentry Calming Diffuser
his proven pheromone technology is perfect for calming cats in a specific area of the home during stressful situations such as thunderstorms, new visitors in the home and even introduction of a new cat into the family. The pheromone in the diffuser mimics that produced by mother cats to calm their young to reduce stress-related behaviors. This diffuser releases pheromones for 30 days and can be used without any long-term side effects. Pheromones released cover an area up to 215 square feet.

Proven to effectively modify behavioral problems in cats caused by stress or fear
Releases pheromones for up to 30 days
Can be used with cats of all breeds and ages
Can be used without long-term side effects
Head of the plug rotates to fit any U.S. electrical outlet
PLEASE(Note conversion plug required for Australian use)
Works in area up to 215 square feet
Lavender chamomile fragrance
US and International patents pending

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