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Safari by Coastal Flea Comb

Safari by Coastal Flea Comb

Safari by Coastal Flea Comb

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Safari by Coastal Flea Comb

For Safe Removal of Fleas and Skin Debris on Longhaired or Shorthaired Cats, Green

Prevent the headache of fleas with the safari flea combs.

This combs allow you to detect fleas early so you can take action to prevent further spreading and infestation.

The teeth are specifically designed to pull out fleas from deep in your pets coat. Simply comb through the coat and dip the comb into a cup of water with mild detergent between strokes.

These combs also identify dry, flaky skin in the early stages so you can apply treatment before further discomfort occurs. These combs are essential during flea season in the spring and summer, especially for petsw

Use these flea combs regularly as part of your Kittys grooming routine to ensure a happy, healthy cat!

Product Features

  • DETECT fleas early
  • IDENTIFY dry flaky skin
  • Ideal for LONG or SHORT hair breeds

Additional information

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