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Purrs Feather Purrize Toy – 3 Pack Stand alone Toy

Purrs Feather Purrize Toy – 3 Pack Stand alone Toy

Purrs Feather Purrize Toy – 3 Pack – Standalone Toys (NO HOOK )

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The Purrs Feather Purrize Toys – DOES NOT attach to the Wands.

Now with 3 Purrize toys in the pack.

These is a cheap standalone toy with no front hook so does not attach to the Wands.

Great for your cat to run off and play with as a distraction and/or prize toy after hunting and catching the wand prey toys. Also helps preserve the wand’s spinning feather!

The feathers used may be small in size or various sizes and shapes and are of low quality for rough/ tumble play. Not made to look pretty!

It is NOT a wand attachment , there is no loop to connect it to the wand at all. This is a toy which you can throw for your furkid to distract them from the other attachments on the wands if they just don’t want to let them go! Or after a session with the wands you can throw one of these out and let them play with it.

Each toy has real natural Feathers.Pheasant Feathers sourced in the UK in accordance with the Wildlife act and are from British Pheasant Birds that are free to lead a natural outdoor life before entering the British food chain.

One question we have been asked is – Can my cat eat feathers, Is it safe? – Yes if they are natural real feathers –
A cat’s natural hunting behaviour which is to stalk, pounce, tear off feathers and skin, and eat. Naturally a cat can indeed eat the whole bird, including feathers, beaks and feet if it wants. Small birds can be eaten in their entirety, Medium sized birds are semi plucked before eating, with the cat plucking a few feathers, then tucking in, stopping to pluck more, before eating further. Not only does skin and feathers pass through the cat’s stomach, but the cat has an instinct to do the tearing and plucking before swallowing. A cat’s stomach acid can break down feathers and bone. Any pieces left undigested are expelled with the cat’s waste or regurgitated. A Cat may eat grass to naturally aid the regurgitation process for any undigested parts same as they do to expel hair balls.

Safety – If your cat is one that is prone to eating and swallowing any toys (ie string, plastic parts), please supervise play at ALL times. Put away when not in play.

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