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Pixi Cat Fountain Light Blue

Pixi Cat Fountain Light Blue

Pixi Cat Fountain Light Blue

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The Pixi Cat Fountain Light  Blue is the cutest way to keep kitty hydrated and healthy. Cats prefer drinking from flowing water, as such the water fountain encourages your cat to drink in order to stay healthy and avoid urinary tract issues. Cleverly designed for both appeal and funtionality, the Pixi Cat Fountain  not only looks cute but has all the features required for a premium drinking fountain. The quiet pump is suspended in the fountain



  • Fountain provides cats with running water that encourages them to drink and stay hydrated
  • Quiet operation keeps water circulating silently while the triple action filter softens your cat
  • White nightlight in the nose so you can see it in the dark and won’t bump into it
  • The nose has a coloured LED which flashes red when it
  • Automatically shuts down if water level gets too low
  • Spout creates an arc of water so your cat can drink comfortably
Dimensions 20.5cm high, 2.5L capacity

Additional information

Weight 1.200 kg
Dimensions .21 × .20 × .20 cm


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