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Pioneer Pet Fountain Replacement Filters 3 pack #3002

Pioneer Pet Fountain Replacement Filters 3 pack #3002

Pioneer filter 3 pk

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Pioneer Pets Replacement Filters keep your pet’s water tasting clean and fresh with a three-layer filtration system.

Regular changing of filters helps extend the life of your fountain. Comes with three filters per box. Filters should be changed approximately every two to four weeks depending on the size and number of pets using the fountain.


Pioneer Fountain Replacement Filters

  • For all Stainless Steel and Ceramic Fountains
  • 3 layer filtration system to keep water fresh and clean
  • Captures debris and extends life of fountain
  • Keep the water in your pet’s fountain tasting fresh
  • Contains granulated carbon
  • Uses Duo-Density Polyester Pads
  • 3 filters to a package – up to 3 months of filtration

Suits the following fountains:

#3002 filter 3005 Big max ceramic fountain- Black
3005W Big max ceramic fountain- White
3009 Big max SS fountain
3018 Peaceful Waters 128oz
3019 Peaceful Waters 60oz
6022 Rain drop ceramic fountain
6022W Rain drop ceramic fountain-White
6023 Rain drop SS fountain
6023RG Rain drop SS fountain, Rose Gold
6027 Rain drop SS fountain
6031 LPet fountain with grass 60oz



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