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Petstages Dental Shrimpies

Petstages Dental Shrimpies

Dental Shrimpes

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Petstages Dental Shrimpies

Petstages Dental Shrimpies

Dedicated to making pets – and their humans – happy, Petstages create a wide range of high quality chewy and colourful toys to keep your pet out of mischief.

Petstages Dental Shrimpies are a cat chew toy covered with soft mesh that gently cleans your cats teeth and gums as they play. These shrimpies are lightweight, making them fun to bat around, and theyre also stuffed to the brim with premium catnip!

Perfect for tossing and batting around
Crinkles and feathers for a sensory experience
Mesh material helps to clean teeth and gums as your cat plays
Stuffed with catnip to entice play
2 shrimpies per pack
Dimensions: approximately 22 cm x 3 cm x 9 cm

Additional information

Weight .0055 kg
Dimensions 023 × 003 × 009 cm


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