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Nail Clippers JW Cat Small

Nail Clippers JW Cat Small

JW Cat Nail Clippers

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JW Cat Nail Clippers

Designed for the tiniest of pets, these small nail clippers are perfect for tiny dogs, birds, cats and reptiles. With the sharp precision blades, you can get a quick, clean cut for easy grooming.

The ergonomic Gripsoft handle is non-slip, designed for comfort and safety, so grooming can be easy and hassle-free.

14.7cm x 11cm x 0.8cm approx.

To safely clip a cat’s claws, wait until they are calm or sleepy. One by one, hold their paw in your hand and gently push on their toe pad to extrude the nail. Using a pair of cat nail clippers, snip the thin, sharp, transparent hook of the claw . Avoid any pink, thicker sections. If your cat’s claw does not have an obvious thin, sharp, hook, or appears to be already blunt, do not cut it.

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