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Miracle Oring Slip Tip Syringe 10ml

Miracle Oring Slip Tip Syringe 10ml

Miracle Oring Slip Tip Syringe 10ml

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Miracle Oring Slip Tip Syringe 10ml

10 ml Miracle Oring Syringe. Nothing beats the Miracle Oring Syringe with it’s ease of glide even with many repeated uses. Once you use the Miracle Oring Syringe you’ll never use anything else! Each syringe is sterile packed and BPA free. Available in a slip tip or a luer lock tip. When choosing your syringe tip we offer the following guidelines: Slip Tip works with a Catac ST1 Nipple, Canula Tip, Medical Needle Luer Lock Tip works with The Miracle Nipple, PetAg 2 oz. Nipples, PetAg Elongated Nipples, Four Paws Nipples, Canula Tip, Medical Needle

NOTE: Please be advised that the ink on the syringes will not stay on with multiple cleanings. After inquiring about this issue it has come to our attention that the ink has been changed due to toxicity of the prior inks used on o-ring syringes. Our o-ring syringes will outlast most other syringes that are available. All of our o-ring syringes are a product of Denmark, they are BPA free and sterile. Denmark carries the highest standard for safety with their medical supplies.

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