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KatFly® Teaser Wand No Attachment

KatFly® Teaser Wand No Attachment

KatFly®wand only

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KatFly® Cat Toy Teaser Wand fits DaBird and Purrs brand attachments

KatFly® Teaser Wand with Wire – No Toy is perfect if you are looking for a replacement for your cat’s teaser wand. Have lots of teaser toys but not enough teaser wands?

Maybe you want to try two different toys at the same time but do not want to switch the toys out! Whatever the reason, these teaser wands can come in handy.



  • 1 48cm long fibre glass wand with red vinyl handle.
  • Wire is made with durable coated fishing line and swivel ball loop and snap lure. The fishing line is 36 inches long.
  • With any teaser wand cat toy supervision is required.

Additional information

Weight .007 kg
Dimensions 48 cm


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