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Groomers Goop De-Greaser 473ml

Groomers Goop De-Greaser 473ml

Goop De-Greaser 473ml

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Groomers Goop De-Greaser 473ml

  • GROOMERS GOOP DEGREASER is the first step to a professionally groomed pet
  • Use directly on pets coat to remove excess oil build up on skin and fur
  • Removes tough soils and stains from dirty coats that other shampoos just won’t touch
  • Helps alleviate stud tail and matted fur
  • Use on cats and dogs for a show quality shine
  • Groomers Goop De-greaser is the only product of its kind on the market, a truly unique grooming experience no other product can give.
  • Breaks down tree sap
  • Gently removes the most difficult stains
  • Whitens yellowing areas
  • Removes tar
  • Handles stud tail
  • For professional use only
  • For dogs, cats and other furry pets
  • Made in the USA

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