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Goop Liquid Degreaser for Oily


Goop Liquid Degreaser for Oily

Groomer's Goop Liquid contains the same enhanced formulation as the Groomer's Goop Créme.

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Goop Degreaser for Oily Coats – 473ml Item # 235

Groomer’s Goop Liquid for Oily Coat is the professionals choice to remove oils and degrease the coats of long haired cats and dogs. Great for removing Stud Tail, tar, chewing gum, skunk spray and other grime pets get into. Non-toxic, biodegradable, enriched formula contains glycerin, lanolin, vitamin E and Aloe Vera for skin conditioning. Groomer’s Goop is also great for cleaning and whitening paws and bib areas. Apply Groomer’s Goop, leave on for five minutes, then rinse grease, grime and odors away.

Quick and Easy
Groomer’s Goop Liquid is specially designed for easy application. It can be massaged into the pet’s coat in seconds. Ideal if you need to wash multiple cats in a hurry.
Groomer’s Goop Liquid contains the same enhanced formulation as the Groomer’s Goop Créme.

• Size: 16oz (473 ml)
• Non-toxic, Biodegradable
• Contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera
• Cleans Oily Coat
These cat grooming supplies are tested in our own Siberian cattery and will help you keep your cat looking amazing. We offer the lowest prices and widest selection of cat brushes, cat shampoos, cat combs, pet grooming towels, stain free, anti-stat sprays, pet clippers and more…

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