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Elite Zone Kitten Scratching Post


Elite Zone Kitten Scratching Post

Elite Zone Kitten Scratching Post

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Elite Zone Kitten Scratching Post

Elite Zone offer a totally new styling for cat furniture. Sleek and attractive, there is no need to hide your cat furniture away anymore! Designed to fit into modern housing and available in many smart fun and funky styles.
Introducing the Elite Zone Leo Cat Scratching Post with toys. This modern looking funky scratching post is perfectly suited for the modern home. It features a sleek base, sisal wrapped pole and fun toys dangling from the top. This is a very high quality scratching post and it is made to last. No longer do you have to deal with ugly cat toys.

Entertain your cat when your away.
Promotes scratching of specific surfaces.
Sleek design.
Fun toys on the top.
Premium gloss wood finish and sisal.
Unique shape and design.
Upmarket look and feel.


Size: 34x34x47cm
Base Material: Wood
Scratching Material: Sisal

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 34 x 11 x 42 cm


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