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Chirpy Ball 50cm

Chirpy Ball 50cm

Chirpy ball

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Chirpy Ball 50gm
Available as a frog bird or cricket please let us know if you have a preference

Simulate the real sounds of three different animals to attract the cat’s attention and stimulate its hunting nature. The sounds of balls of different colors are different, namely the sound of pink ball is a birds, the sound of green ball is a frog, and the sound of yellow ball is a cricket.
The cat toy ball has a built-in high-sensitivity sounder. As long as the cat’s paw touches the ball lightly, it will make a sound. Cat ball toys with animal sounds can reduce boredom and increase the cat’s attention to play.
After opening the lid, you can add catnip on the ball. It can make your cat feel excited and happy, and become a cat’s favorite toy. It can encourage the cat to exercise, stimulate the cat’s thinking or accompany the cat, so that the cat can exercise and stay healthy.

Material: EVA
Color: pink, green, yellow
Size: 50mm
Weight: 12g

In order to ensure the storage of electricity, the ball is equipped with a disposable insulating tag. After the insulating tag is pulled out.

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