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Cat Calming Collar by Healex

Cat Calming Collar by Healex

Cat Calming Collar by  Healex

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Cat Calming Collar by  Healex

The purr-fect cat stress relief  A calm cat is a happy cat.

Safe and effective — All Healex cat calming products such as this calming collar or our cat calming spray (coming soon!) Are clinically proven safe and effective. Pheromone collar for cats is a proven relaxant that provides cat anxiety relief and eliminates aggression. It contains pheromones for cats that help keep your cat calm

One size fits all.  Healex provides the perfect sized calming collar for cats that fits any-sized cat. Our cat calming collar fits even a kitten 10 weeks and older, ensuring cat comfort even for delicate fussy cats.

Size 38cm x 1cm;

Material : Silicone

Long-term Protection Normal conditions, this product up to two months (even in water).

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