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Bergan Whirly Pop

Bergan Whirly Pop

Bergan Whirly Pop

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Bergan Whirly Pop
The Bergan Whirly Pop is a brilliantly simple toy for cats that provides a stimulating play experience your kitty will love!
This toy combines a life like tail with a unique round toy to entice cats to bat it around and pounce, hunt and play with the toy. It toy also pops up to start off play sessions with a bang.

The Bergan Whirly Pop is ideal for keeping your cat active and stimulated, which is perfect for reducing unwanted activity like scratching furniture. Simply turn the suction cup about and place it on the ground and wait for the games to begin! Your cat will love this toy, so order now!

Key Features:
Suction cup provides unique motion and ball-like movement
Tail is lifelike and encourages pouncing and hunting instincts
Keeps cats entertained to reduce problem behavior

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