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Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets 20ml

Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets 20ml

Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets 20ml

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Bach Rescue Remedy Pet – 20ml

Whether it is an approaching thunderstorm, an imminent trip to the vet, or merely time alone, pets can experience anxiety. Help relieve their symptoms with alcohol free RESCUE Remedy, specialty formulated for pets.

Common Uses:

Stress caused by loud noises
Visits to vets or groomers
After a shock or mistreatment
Rescue animals
Overcoming behavioural problems

Suitable for use with all animals including:



Alcohol free
Veterinarian recommended
Safe for all pets

Active Ingredients (5x HPUS):
Rock Rose(HelianthemumnummulariumHPUS ), Clematis (Clematis vitalbaHPUS), Impatiens (Impatiens glanduliferaHPUS), Cherry Plum (PrunuscerasiferaHPUS), Star of Bethlehem (OrnithogalumumbellatumHPUS)
Inactive Ingredients:
Vegetable glycerine

Research suggests that Bach Flower Remedies significantly improve the state of animals by 75 to 80% of cases when conventional medicine has not helped.

In serious cases of anxiety please consult a qualified behaviourist for advice.

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