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Ant Proof Repellent Refill

Ant Proof Repellent Refill

Ant proof Repellent Refill

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  • These are super easy to apply simply undo the screws and replace a small amount of the powder.

    Ant Proof Plate uses an all-natural insect repellent made from fossilised water plants also known as diatoms. The diatoms are mined and ground up to render a powder that looks and feels like talcum powder to us.

    Diatoms are harmless to mammals. We can eat it. In fact we do eat it! It’s in lots of grain based foods because lots of grains are stored with diatoms to keep bugs from eating the grain!

    To insects, slugs and snails, diatoms are a lethal dust with microscopic razor sharp edges. These particles stick to an insect and get embedded between its exoskeleton joints.

    As the insect moves, it gets physically cut up. Insects are not willing to crawl on the diatoms as death will follow, when they encounter diatoms they simply will not cross it. There is no build-up of tolerance like there is with poison because the method of repelling is PHYSICAL, not chemical.

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