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Kitten Nursing Kit

Your Kitten Will Purr With Our Kitten Nursing Kit

During the first week of a kitten’s life, a kitten nursing kit is invaluable at a time when she is entirely dependent on others. A mother is a kitten’s first resource, but what happens if her mother rejects her? At this point, It is up to you to care for the kitten at its most vulnerable time in life. Cat Shop Online is here to make that job easier for you.

The Importance of Using a Kitten Nursing Bottle

When life begins for your kitten, you must keep her warm and well-fed. She sleeps 90% of the time, leaving 10% of the time to nurse. Until she is one and a half weeks old, a kitten should nurse every two hours. One of the biggest dangers for kittens at this age is dehydration, which can quickly lead to death.

  • Why use a bottle? Bottle-feeding lets the kitten refuse formula when she is full. During bottle feeding, the kitten develops its facial muscles, which makes our kitten nursing bottle ideal. There are several brands available from your veterinarian.
  • What to put into the bottle? Kitten milk replacer (KMR) is formulated for kittens and is the best choice.
  • How should you feed the kitten? Never turn a kitten over on its back like you would a baby. Lay the kitten on its stomach and mimic the way it would lay next to its mother.

Benefits of Kitten Feeding Bottle Kit Offered by Cat Shop Online

Abandoned or rejected kittens begin life in a tough position, but they will feel like a princess when cared for by you and the kitten feeding bottle kit, we provide to ease your kitten into feeling as though they live a life of luxury.

  • Feels like mom. Your kitten will experience the next best thing to mom with specially designed nipples that duplicate the real thing.
  • The feeding bottle kit provides measurements for the amount needed depending on the age. The accuracy of using the correct amount of formula guarantees kitty is receiving all the nutrition required.
  • To avoid germs, you should clean the bottles after each use. A cleaning brush comes with the bottle and boiling all the products in the kit is safe and recommended.

What Do You Stand to Lose if You Don’t Use Cat Shop Online?

Quite simply, time and money. We research our products to give you the best that is available, and we price our products to provide you with the best value. Three things are vital when caring for a newborn kitten: nutrition, warmth, and love. Use your time to meet these basic needs of your kitten. Use our products so that your time isn’t spent researching and pricing the products we deliver.

Cat Shop Online is passionate about cats. Our online services began ten years ago, focusing only on cats. Our products are researched and chosen to give your kitten the best jumpstart in life possible. Please contact us with any questions. When you visit our store, you’ll find the highest quality products at the lowest prices for each stage of your kitten’s life.

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