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Adopting a kitten into your family is fun and exciting. It comes with responsibilities too, however, especially if the little creature has been taken out of the nest too early.

Tips for getting more value out of our kitten accessories online

A kitten acquired at a certified breeder will already have been microchipped, registered with the local council and sterilised. It will be robust and well-protected against the dreaded toxoplasmosis and calici virus. Nonetheless, it is tempting to accept an orphaned kitten for free. At Cat Shop Online, you’ll find all the necessary products to take care of a kitten younger than eight weeks.

  • Sleep, sleep, sleep… It’s all your little addition to the family seems to do during the first weeks of its life. A comfortable and soft towel, blanket or cat bed are indispensable. Even more important, a kitten under four weeks can’t thermo-regulate yet. Keeping it warm is vital. A microwavable heating pad may help, but if you keep the kitten’s blanket or bed near a heat source, this will be fine too. Be careful not to overdo it with the heat either.
  • When your kitten is awake, it will want to eat. Getting the right food at the start of their life is crucial. Never give them cow’s milk but use a suitable kitten formula. Weigh your kitten daily. If it gains approximately 14 grams per day or 113 grams per week, then you’re on the right track. A kitten is not a baby, so never recline it on its back while feeding. A multitude of syringes and nipples are available at Cat Shop Online.
  • When your kitten starts to bite the nipple of its feeding bottle, it may be ready for weaning. When it laps up formula from your finger or a spoon, it will be ble to eat formula from a dish. Canned kitten food will be next on the menu.

Why You Can Trust Cat Shop Online Regarding Kitten Supplies

Numerous shops exist in Australia, and it’s becoming increasingly easy to order products outside our country too. However, at Cat Shop Online, we stand out for our wide range of high-quality products at affordable prices. Contrary to other suppliers, we know about kittens, how to raise them, which food is best for them, and which toys they love most.

  • Consider, when buying kitten toys in Australia that certain toys are perfect for grown cats but unsafe for a kitten. Avoid any toys which a kitten might swallow.
  • Also, kittens are still learning. They love to stalk, pounce and deal their “prey” the deadly blow. For the first weeks of their lives, wands and crinkle balls are best.
  • For a healthy and content kitten and to keep its coat and skin healthy, groom it regularly. Not only does it make the tiny creature look fancy, but it also creates or strengthens a bond. A kitten’s hair is softer, fluffier and shorter, than a fully grown cat, so correct grooming supplies are essential.

For an extensive variety of kitten accessories in Australia, rely on Cat Shop Online. Do you have questions about how to take care of a kitten? Contact us. Our experience is at your service.

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