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Cat Care Essentials for New Cats

Cat Care Essentials for New Cats

Are you thinking of getting a new cat any time soon? Congratulations! We know you’ll be overjoyed to have your new cat in your home.

The pleasure of having a new cat in your home is beyond amazing! When you become a new cat parent, you want the best for your fur kid. From taking care of grooming to eating, you make sure to provide them with the best. Invite your new companion in their new home with these essentials that they’ll surely love and need:


1.    Carriers

The first thing you need is a Cat Carrier in which you can take your new friend home. Make sure that the carrier is safe and sturdy with sufficient ventilation and easy access so you can get your fur baby in and out. Whether you plan on taking your new pet outdoors or overseas, carriers come in handy! To make your cat happy to enter the carrier, try placing a treat inside to build a positive association.


2.    Food Bowl & Coup Cup

Another essential thing you need to invest in before bringing your new friend home is a food bowl. Cats are quite picky when it comes to what they eat and where they eat it. Make sure to keep their food and water bowls clean and in a good location. Avoid keeping them anywhere near the litter box, and their sense of smell is strong, and they don’t like to eat and relieve themselves in the same location.


3.    Litter Trays

It’s essential to invest in a Litter Box since all indoor cats need it to do their business. Make sure to place it in an easily accessible and private location. If you have a multi-level home, it’s best to place at least one litter box per floor for extra convenience, or your cat will relieve themselves in different parts of your home. Remember, cats don’t like unclean, smelly, and messy litter boxes. Make sure to clean them every day by dumping everything, washing with a disinfectant.


4.    Scratching Post

Cats scratch for many reasons, including marking their territory, sharping their claws, and toning their muscles. Therefore, before inviting your feline kid into their new homes, it’s best to invest in a Scratching Post to save your furniture and floors. These scratching posts are great for mental and physical simulations, keeping your cats entertained and invested and preventing them from causing mischief in the house.


5.    Cat Calming Treats & Supplements

Your new cat may experience anxiety or stress in a new environment. It would take some time for them to make themselves at home fully. Many new cat owners use Cat Calming Treats to gently calm and appease cats. These treats are veterinary approved, helping cats cope with anxiety-evoking situations like traveling, entering a new environment, meeting strangers, etc. In addition, these Cat Supplements also help in maintaining emotional balance in cats.


The Bottom Line:

Nothing compares to the excitement of having a new pet at home, especially if it’s an adorable cat! Before inviting your fur baby to their new homes, make sure to invest in cat care essentials to give them a healthy and happy life. These products will surely make your cat’s stay at your home a pleasant and comfortable one!

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