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5 Best Kitten Nursing Kits

Nursing a kitten means you hand-feed a baby animal that is too small to feed itself. The purpose is to provide nutrition for the growth of your kitten’s mind and body. It’s also important for the development of its immunity. This process can take up to 12 weeks, which means you will consistently shift your routine according to your pet’s feeding routine and even wake up in the middle of the night at times to make sure they feel full, which can be a hassle. This tough job requires determination.

What makes the task easy or, at least, bearable is the availability and the choice of the right feeding products according to the kitten’s age, weight, and size. And since many of the new cat-owners are completely unaware of the complete set of right feeding products to use, the introduction of Nursing Kits has allowed an all-in-one package for simplicity. The nursing kits mainly include a feeding bottle (with measurements) and nipples (of different sizes), and all you need to do is position your kitten belly-down, give it the nursing bottle attached with a nipple and allow it to suckle at its own pace. Rubbing the kitten’s back or forehead gently may allow the kitten to feel at ease and suckle even better.

Why Nursing And Nursing Kits are Important?

Kittens require extreme care from their owners, especially during the first month of birth. There can be many reasons a kitten is separated from its mother, and such a delicate living being requires exceptional attention and care to survive. That is where nursing kits come in.

The kit helps develop facial muscles as the kitten makes an effort to suckle. This means that the nursing items should provide the right amount of balance to allow a restricted flow, causing the kitten to struggle to get milk out and moving muscles to suck out more. Not only will this allow their growth and expansion, but it will also keep the formula or liquid substance coming out without blockage. Moreover, nursing naturally stimulates the normal flow of saliva, which is necessary for digestion and lubrication.

Some of the best nursing kits available may include:

  • Pet-Ag Nursing Kit

This nursing kit is specially designed for hand-feeding newborns and small-sized animals like puppies and kittens. The main theme color of the items is black, with an item weight of 0.07 pounds in total. The fact that the item is lightweight makes it favorable over other nursing kits, and this means you can even pet your kitten easily for even up to half an hour without your hands feeling weighed down and becoming tired. The item comes with a 2-ounce bottle, latex nipples, and a cleaning brush.

      2- Well & Good Kitten Nursing Bottle Kit

The bottle, including the nipples, is transparent, with black measurement markings made on the bottle to ensure your kitten gets the right amount of liquid substance into its body and doesn’t end up over-or under-eating. This helps you properly feed your kitten.

The bottle size is 2.25 oz, bigger than the usual 2oz size, making it more helpful in feeding feed to kittens as they grow and require more food. It saves you from the inconvenience of refilling. The nipples provided are made of special rubber material that gives the kitten the feel of its own mother’s nipples, therefore duplicating the natural milking action. The kit includes one deluxe bottle, three rubber nipples, and a cleaning brush.

  • Four paws Pet Nurser Kit

The mentioned pet Nurser Kit is scientifically designed by professional breeders to provide safe and effective oral administrations of kitten feed and is recommended by veterinarians. The pack contains two bottles, with measurements given in teaspoons as well as in cc, for accurate feeding. Each bottle holds approximately 2 ounces of formula, has been rated 5 for the value of money, and is well-known and recognized for its easy cleaning ability.

The kit is easy to use since the nursing bottle comes attached to the nipple. You don’t have to struggle with wasting your time and energy placing different parts of the kit together, especially when your kitten is meowing with hunger and wants to be fed immediately.

  • The Miracle Nipple with Syringe

Works no less than a miracle!

The miracle nipple is made of flexible latex material that is strong enough to resist any small, sharp kitten teeth-bites on the nipples that may cause the nipples to pierce. This is why it far outlasts other nipples. The oversized base is specially made to prevent kittens from biting off the nipple in half and swallowing it. What makes this interesting is that it comes with a syringe of different sizes, varying from as less as 0.5 ml to up to 20ml.

The nipple itself comes in mini size and original size, and all you have to do is attach the nipple to the end of the syringe and gently slide the long, smooth, and narrow end of the nipple into the kitten’s mouth. This feels like suckling from their natural mothers. Furthermore, It has a kneading pad embodied with the base for small, delicate kitten paws to knead, as they would do while feeding on the mother.

  • Bubble milk bowl Nursing kit

This item imitates the cat-mother. It consists of a dome-shaped nipple designed by a designer with ten years of breeding experience to keep the milk away from the kitten’s nostrils and prevent accidental inhalation. The shape also imitates the breast and has real nipple feels because it is made of liquid silica gel.

Pre-made holes in the nipples imitate the natural milk flow out of the mother’s nipples, reducing the risk of choking, with lengthened nipples further imitating the size and touch of the mother’s breast. The material is soft, has no odor, and can be easily boiled for sterilization at temperatures greater than 100 degrees.

The Bottom Line

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