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10 Things Humans do that Cats Dislike

10 Things Humans do that Cats Dislike

Ever wonder what your mysterious fur baby dislikes or what upsets them? Although all cats are different in their own way, there are some common things humans do that cats simply hate.

When you bring a new cat home, you want the best for it, and no doubt, sooner or later, you develop mutual love and bond for each other. However, as adorable as cats are, they’re also smart and quirky, meaning there are many things we do that they don’t like.

Knowing your feline better is the best way to develop a closer bond with it. Here are ten things humans do that cats truly dislike.


1)   When You Ignore Your Cat

Cats are surely self-contained, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like receiving gentle affection now and then! Felines enjoy companionship and hate being ignored by their owners. It’s best to take some time out of your schedule to play with your cat. Try investing in some Interactive Cat Toys to enjoy a fun time with your fur baby. These amazing toys, including Cat Dancer Deluxe, Laser Light, or Ball Track, are a perfect way to keep your cats engaged.


2)   When You Don’t Clean the Litter Box

One of the things cats hate the most is when you don’t clean the litter box. A feline’s sense of smell is 14 times greater than ours, which means nothing annoys your cat more than a stinky


litter box. Cats are very clean animals; an unhygienic litter box does not fit well into their tidy lifestyle! If a box is too dirty, your cat may find an alternate place to relieve itself. Many cat owners use this Cat Loo Kit for an easy and quick cleaning option!


3)   When You Cover their Litter Box

While you may prefer a covered litter box due to smell and hygiene issues, some cats hate it! Cats prefer to have large, open litter boxes that have sufficient airflow. Since closed boxes prevent such airflow and are smellier, they look for an alternate place to do their business.

Consider also opting for Cat Litter Trays as they’re easy to clean, and your cats love them!


4)   When You Give Them a Bath

You’re probably already aware of this one, but cats HATE water – they would rather never have a bath at all! Therefore, it’s best to train them early to adjust to bathing. However, this should not stop you from taking care of their hygiene. Just make sure to use pet-friendly and gentle products like a cat shampoo or conditioner to make their bathing experience a little better.


5)   When You Take Them On a Car Ride

Most cats hate car rides for several reasons, including motion sickness, loud noises on the road, and strange smells. Some cats may find car rides extremely uncomfortable, causing anxiety, confusion, uncertainty, and more. However, sometimes car rides are necessary due to urgent travel requirements or visits to the vet. In such cases, many cat owners use Cat Calming Treats to ease their cat’s anxiety or stress levels. Avoid taking your cats on needless car rides, and you’re good to go!


6)   When You Make Loud Noises

Have you ever noticed your cat acting quirky whenever you drop something? Well, cats hate sudden loud noises. The sound of thunderstorms, washing machines, music, fireworks, etc., annoys and frightens felines. The reason is that cats have more acute hearing than humans. If you see your cat hiding under a sofa or running somewhere else, chances are it’s the loud noise irritating them.


7)   When You Put a Jingling Collar on Them

As much as you may find it cute to put a jingling collar on your fur baby, cats hate it! Cats are quite nifty and graceful and won’t appreciate a collar that can blow their cover. Try opting for a collar that doesn’t make any noise and looks perfectly adorable on your cat. Your cats will surely love these Crystal Rhinestone Collars, making them look as elegant as they want to be, and the best part is, it doesn’t jingle at all!


8)   When You Aggressively Pet Them

Unlike dogs, cats don’t appreciate aggressive petting like a back-scratch or belly rub. Be careful while petting your cat and watch their reaction. If they run away, lash out with their claws, or act quirkily, chances are they’re getting annoyed, and you need to stop. You can brush through


their coat or gently cuddle with them only if they’re in the mood. Avoid excessive brushing and only use a soft-bristled brush for extra comfort.


9)   When You Invade their Space

Your cat’s bed is its favorite hideaway. Their beds should be in certain areas where they feel comfy. Cats are creatures of habit and have a territorial nature where they need their quiet spaces to unwind. They hate it when you interrupt their beauty sleep or force them to do something in their spare time. Give your cat the personal space it needs! Do you want to be your cat’s favorite in the whole wide world? Try giving it this Luxury Cat Bed for an interrupted, calming sleep!


10)   When You Leave Them Alone

As much as cats hate unnecessary attention, they also hate to be left alone. Your cats can get lonely and bored when you leave them alone for too long. Many vets advise cat parents to give them different cat toys to keep them busy while they’re on their own. This Triple Layer Ball Chaser is the star of every cat’s dream toy and keeps them invested until their owners return home.

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