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10 Best Da Bird Cat Toys

10 Best Da Bird Cat Toys

Cats are naturally playful creatures. They love playing around in their natural habitat, such as catching the birds, running after small animals like mice, hiding behind logs, and pouncing over and climbing trees. But pet cats kept indoors can rarely get such an environment to carry out activities aligned with their natural instincts of preying and hunting. Therefore, it is necessary to keep their innate behaviors and playful drives alive by giving them cat toys to play with.

Da Bird cat toys are handcrafted feather toys. They are lightweight, bright-colored, flashy, and just the right size and texture for the cat to have fun playtime. These cat teasers are, in all probability, the most approved and admired cat toys, and no home with cats should be deprived of them.

Some of the best Da Bird cat toys include:

  1. Kitty Kopter Cat Toy

This is an exercise toy mainly targeted at cats. The theme it owns is of an animal, specifically of a bird. Recommended as an interactive toy, its structure consists of a wooden bead and a fuzzy pom ball that weighs the whole toy down. Each of these has three feathers attached to it. When you throw the Kitty Kopter across the room, it twirls and spins and descends, and just in a moment, you see your cat’s awakened drive come into play.

  1. Da Bird Pull Apart Rod

This is a teaser wand targeted at medium breeds and small breed cats. It consists of a wand, a nylon string, and one feather dangler. The feathers look, feel, and even sound like real birds and hang over a pole which you can even pull apart as this takes up half the space. The feather teaser revives the motion of a bird, driving your cat wild. These are best known to have a prey-like appearance and flight-like activity, which keeps the cat’s natural instincts into play and keeps them exercising, healthy, and alert.

  1. Da Bird Feather Teaser

A single bob of da bird is wholly irresistible. This tempting and alluring piece consists of a pole with original Guinea feathers which look as good as real furs. Set on a swivel, this is equally captivating as the Da Bird Rod toy.

  1. Cat Tail Teaser Wand

It consists of a short length of marabou and hackle feathers fixed to a PVC rod. This small piece of the toy is available in numerous bright and flashy colors, which look super cute and feel super soft and hence, is guaranteed to astonish your cat and make their boredom disappear. These tail wands make a cat go crazy, and their lightweight and small size add an extra advantage as it doesn’t need supervision and doesn’t require interaction with a human.

  1. Fluffy, Chirpy Ball

Fluffy chirping toys seem very interesting to the curious cats and kittens. Feathers with an add-on of chirping sound, that too in one toy heightens the cat’s joy and appeals to the cats enormously. Such a toy enables the cat to chase and grasp the object playfully with their paws and the sound puts them into an extra-alert mode.

  1. Catnip Ball With Feathers

While feathers are proven to arouse in cats their natural instinct of preying and hunting, a catnip ball with feathers takes your cat on cloud nine as catnip is responsible for stimulating those areas of the cat’s brain that are responsible for making them feel euphoric and excessively happy. And who doesn’t like happy cats? This toy is perfect for fussy and moody cats and is challenging enough to keep them hooked.

  1. Da Bird Cat Catcher Mice

This piece acts as a replacement for the cat catcher wand. It is furry, soft, and looks just like a mouse! Since cats are naturally fond of chasing mice around, it is no surprise that this toy amuses cats as much as any other da bird toy. The cute little mouse has an emerging tail behind it, making it an interactive toy that cats would just love playing with.

  1. Cat Wand With Peacock Feathers And Bells

Sounds of bells are entertaining to cats, and slowly and gradually pulling the wand on the floor while your cat stalks and tries to catch it ensures kicking your cat’s prey drive into high gear! This wand with feathers and bells will encourage instinctual behaviors, keeping your cat healthy and alert.

  1. Feather Teaser With Bell Spring Action Pole Wand

Da bird toy cannot get better than this. A strong, well-built feather wand with added springs cannot get any more exciting as this toy owns a springy, bouncy movement, making the cat’s mind go crazy, heightening its attention and alertness. Cats go crazy over seeing objects racing and in unpredictable directions. A bell is added to stimulate extra excitement.

  1. Feather Wand Candy Floss

This toy consists of a pole covered with numerous bright and colorful feathers. Additionally, this wand consists of heart-shaped buttons on the pole. The enormous-looking feathers on top give the wand a candy-floss appearance, and the heart buttons add to its cuteness. Cats love to roll over the buttons with their paws.

Wrapping Up

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