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Hyendry Clarion Baton 18″

Hyendry Clarion Baton 18″

Hyendry Baton

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Hyendry Clarion Bation 18 “(46cm)

The Hyendry clarion classic baton is 1/4 inch in diameter clear acrylic which allows the wand to be flexible, but yet extremely durable. Our clarion classic baton comes in 4 different lengths to perfectly meet your needs. Our clarion classic batons come with a high strength woven Spectra fiber line that boasts a 65 pound tensile strength and a locking hook that is designed to attach any of our cat teasers and most other brands of cat teaser toys! The lines on all 4 clarion classic batons are the same length as the clarion baton and are designed to be strong enough to last a long time!

Do you want your cat to play with a light weight feather teaser, but the wire line on your baton is too heavy? Do you want your cat to play with a heavier teaser, but the teaser line on your baton is not strong enough? We have the solution. The Hyendry clarion baton gives you the choice of lines. Simply attach the woven fiber line to play with a fluttering, light weight feather teaser, or attach the wire line to play with a heavier, beefier teaser. The clarion ‘Dual Duty’ baton has an acrylic rod diameter that is 36 inches long and is .79 in dia.
This wand will attach to all other Da Bird Purrs and many other brand of attachment but is far superior in strength

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Weight .006 kg
Dimensions 46 cm


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