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Organic Paws

LAMB Recipe

Simulating a carnivore’s natural raw meat diet, Organic Paws Lamb Recipe is a complete and balanced meal suitable for cats and dogs of all ages.

Each 2.25kg box contains 3 x 750gm containers for convenience and ease to portion.
Feeding Guide
Body Weight    Feed
1kg-5kg    100gm-200gm
5kg-10kg    200gm-300gm
10kg-20kg    300gm-400gm
20kg-30kg    400gm-500gm
30kg-40kg    500gm-600gm
Puppies up to the age of 6 months require to be fed twice daily.

Ingredients    Benefits
Lamb Meat*   
Full carcass lamb meat including all prime cuts eg. loin, rib and legs.

Excellent source of vitamin A which promotes healthy skin, teeth and eyes, as well as good source of iron, zinc, copper, B vitamins, vitamin C & D.

High in protein and contains many B vitamins, such a riboflavin and niacin, as well as iron and zinc.

Ground Bone*   
Highly digestible source of calcium vital for strong teeth, bones and structure of joints.

Cod Liver Oil   
Large amounts of omega 3 fatty acids and more vitamin A & D per unit weight than any other common food, in addition to concentrated sources of nutrients EPA and DHA.

Rich in vitamin A,B,C,D, E and K and contains vital minerals including iodine, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium and phosphorus.

* Certified Organic

Product Nutritional Analysis

Test    Method Code    Sample Unit    Result
Sodium (Na)    ES102    mg/kg    1,000
Potassium (k)    ES102    mg/kg    2,510
Iron (Fe)    ES102    mg/kg    36.8
Phosphorus (P)    ES102    mg/kg    5,600
Calcium (Ca)    ES102    mg/kg    8,300
Magnesium (Mg)    ES102    mg/kg    330
Manganese (Mn)    ES102    mg/kg    2
Lactobacillus spp.    MRSA 30°c/3days CFU per gm    gm    110 million
Protein    CTM-01-037        18.64%
Omega 3    CTM-03-005        2.23%
Omega 6    CTM-03-005        3.31%
Total Fats    CTM-01-012        15.0%
Moisture            66.3%

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Cat Shop - Cat Food - Organic Paws - Lamb Recipe

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