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Kitten Identification Band velcro

Breeders and dog/cat lovers from around the world love using our litter identification collars for their newborn  kittens. Our kitten ID Bands are a soft, thin 'hook & loop' material that self-attaches with a secure grip. The bands are LOOSELY wrapped around the kittens necks as they are born to give them immediate identity among their litter mates. Please note: Our bands are not your typical VELCRO material, this is a new and improved material made from Nylon and Poly, these bands will not attach to other collars or bedding etc.

Newborn kitten care involves planning and early preparation for the special day. It is important to have all the necessary pet & whelping supplies needed for newborn kittens. Unless you are an experienced breeder, you might not know how to care for newborn puppies/kittens or which whelping supplies are needed.

Often times, a litter of kittens can look identical to each other so it is important to have some method to tell the  apart. Breeders have been known to use different ways to ID kitten, such as spray paint, nail polish, ribbons, etc. Now finally there is an easy way to identify newborn kittens without strings or hassle. Each kitten simply wears a different colored collar to separate him from his litter mates.

The kittens will also become accustomed to wearing a collar from Day 1 which allows an easier transition to using a typical cat collar at 6-8 weeks.



8"L x 3/8" W

Suitable for newborns up to 8 weeks (Suitable for All Kitten Types) Smaller kitten breeds


12" L x 3/8" W

Suitable for medium & smaller size breeds (Newborn to 8 weeks) Larger Kitten Breeds












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