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0.5 ml Oring Slip Tip Syringe. Nothing beats the Oring Syringe with it’s ease of glide even with many repeated uses. Once you use the  Oring Syringe you’ll never use anything else! This size syringe is the perfect choice for hand feeding very small neonate animals, dosing medication for oral use or for giving an injection for a very small amount of medicine. Each syringe is sterile packed and BPA free. This 0.5 ml oring will fit a Miracle Nipple, Catac ST1, Mothering Silicone Nipple, Canula Tip, Medical Needle.

Our O-ring feeding syringes are perfectly suited for feeding small animals, normal 2 and 3 part syringes have lubricant coating on the inside, once when reused this coating gets washed away causing the syringes to jam then release suddenly risking your precious newborn aspirating milk or other liquids. These syringes that we supply for feeding use have a different design, they won’t last forever but they offer nonstick operation for better feeding control.

Washable and reusable again and again
Each syringe is sterile-packed and BPA-free
Black markings for easier reading
*All sterile items are packaged as single use items only! Many breeders ourselves included will often re use the items for more than one litter. We just re sterilise all instruments before each litter.

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Cat Shop - Cat Products - Miracle Oring Slip Tip Syringe 0.5ml

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